The Fundamentals

Tonight we had another very good class at Core! The Warriors worked hard on this hot and humid day! They started off with a quick warm up by running and a few Jiu Jitsu related exercises. They did some lifting/cardio exercises with the weighted-bags, and they also hit the pads with coach. Then, they put on their face masks, and they did some situational sparring and reaction drills! They were doing great! Then, the Apprentice Class was up! They warmed up with the same type of stuff-exercises and line drills! They rolled with each other also, and coaches checked them to see if they were reading the new lifeskill- Diversity! The Apprentices drilled the break fall, and we discussed why the break fall is important. They learned how to stand in base, and maintain a solid base when someone pushes them. To finish off the class, they played Foxtail!

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