Sharkbites and Jiu Jitsu FuN!

The Warriors and Apprentices trained their butts off today, even in the hot, humid weather! The Warriors did a good job keeping up the pace, drilling hard, and finishing strong with great effort! Coaches started them off with a simple warmup and line drills. After a few line drills, they began drilling the triangle-choke. Once they had the triangle choke down, they stood up, and took each other down. One person would swing for a punch, the other would block and do the bear hug takedown. Then, the bottom person would recompose guard and finish with a triangle choke! To finish off the class, they rolled with each other. The Apprentice class went very well, too! They warmed up with some running and line drills, and got right into the technique! The technique was called Sharkbite! It is a sweep from bottom position. They learned how to upa/bridge, and then, they could do Sharkbite on each other! Then they rolled, followed by a great game of Musical Pads!

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