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My thoughts.. At some point in your training you will want to build a strong connection between your daily life, and the life you have at your academy. If your like me you will find some of the topics running through your mind will come from the places you spend the most time. Inside jokes ect. Are hard to explain when the people at home are not engaged. I think it’s beyond healthy to include your family and friends into the daily experiences that you live on the mat. If your academy is built on discipline, structure, mental toughness, and striving to be better than yesterday like core combat sports is, it becomes a no brainer to combine both on and off the mat to make both sides beneficial. If your spouse or children do not understand your love for the academy it could be difficult. Family members that do not share or atleast understand, will begin to question what you do and why. Time management is also an issue to avoid due to your house needing that “free time” that you seem to fill with training. So the idea is this..finding a love for what you do is good, but finding a way for everyone around you to share in that love is great, especially when your academy teaches the same principles you hope your house does!



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