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Joining a gym and training is great but at some point life reminds you that nothing is perfect and things come up. Bills need to be paid, kids need attention along with a ton of other life situations. So temporarily going to the gym gets put on hold for every member at some point. The need to keep the home life taken care of is essential to the daily grind. I spent time away from training and going to the gym and it showed in more than one way. First was the body,I was not conditioned to compete so the food choices were bad. Next the dedication to exercise decreased as I found myself on the couch more often. The last and most important was the mental aspect. I don’t know about you but personally I gained confidence from the training I received along with the hard work that was being put in. So being away from the gym my confidence lacked because I was not passing my limits the way I was previously. That had the biggest effect on me daily especially when people around you are still training hard. Once I returned I was back at it, but there was a difference. I was the same physically, but mentally seeing things from a much better perspective on training and enjoying my time. The idea of joining the gym after life had temporarily muted me was refreshing. We all have things going on in our daily lives that can become bigger if we let it, but why not choose to fight back. Commit to a higher calling of discipline.

Simply the thoughts of a martial artist! -Jordan Peyton


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