Core Combat Sports MMA Jiu-jitsu new students!!!

It was another eventful class today at Core Combat Sports, Rockford IL premier MMA/Jiu-jitsu academy. Our class has grown so much in the last two months and we couldn’t be happier. In today’s class we started off as we would any other. A quick warm up followed by line drills. We have so many new students coach Todd had to utilize his warriors and masters students to help each new child to do the line drills properly. We then had the students recite their confidence statement in front of the class and all the parents. We find that doing this really helps them with the before mentioned confidence in front of an audience. It also reinforces the anti bullying atmosphere that we promote by Saying, my name is ________ and I’m ___ years old, and I WILL NOT BE BULLIED! Coach Todd followed that with some fundamentals such as a solid “airplane” base and the utilization of the “swim” technique to retain that base. core 2 core1

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