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It was another amazing Junior Bushido class and Warriors class today. We started off the warriors with having them working on their strikes and foot work. We then added a take down to the mix. basic template 1-2 take down. After that we rotated them between working on take downs and mit work. We would call out the combinations we wanted them to do and they executed. Making adjustments to their form as we went.

In the Junior Bushido’s call we worked on the umpa mount escape. They all did very well but we will have to review it again on Thursday. With each move we build up to a fight template. We do this so we can prepare the students to be aware and ready for any and all situation a bully might throw at them. We teach each students these techniques in the hopes that they never have to use them. It goes back however to that old saying. “hope for the best but plan for the worse”.

One Step Closer...

One Step Closer…

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