Core combat sports- bullies and when do we use our techniques?

Coach Austin Grant made an appearance today and the kids were happy to see him. Though he’s been away at college he’s still been active in Jiu-jitsu but it was great to see him on our mat once again.  Class started off as usual with the normal warm-ups and line drills. Coach Todd however took extra time during the mat chat to address a concern of his. He had two recent conversations with students in regards to fear. On both occasions the student had been getting bullied but fear of being kicked out of school kept them from defending themselves. Here is the thing, we don’t just want to teach these students techniques and send them home. We are more interested in building future leaders that have the confidence to handle situations like these. That is why coach Todd took this great opportunity to talk about when it is ok to use what they have learned. The only one in the end that can stop a bully is them.  The second part of the mat chat was, do we use what we’ve learned to defend our friends or others. Of course we do! At this point we at Core are extremely proud of young Michael, because he did just that. He defended his friends at school today from a couple boys that were picking on them.  Hat’s off to you young man!

The second part of class was used for a little rolling. All the students did great!! Coach Todd couldn’t be happier with the progress the students are making. Not only are they building up their techniques but gaining confidence to really go for it on the mat. Samuel and Jataivien have really stepped up their game.

Something new we’ve also introduced is the student of the day. This is announced at the end of the class to highlight individuals that really show their heart on and off the mat. Today’s student of the day goes to young Michael for defending his friend.

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