Core combat sports and kids jiu-jitsu and martial arts games and drills

Coach Todd took a different approach to tonight’s class. Instead of teaching a new technique or reviewing an older one he played a few different jiu-jitsu games. Knowing that “play is the way” he experimented with the notion that the kids would be far more engaged and learn through the playing of various games that focused on leg squeeze, grip strength and take down techniques. All the children did great and the smiles proved that learning can be fun and exciting.

Coach Todd also took a moment to recognize a fine young man that has really stepped up his game. Not only has he shown vast improvement on the mat, he’s shown growth at home and at school. Samuel has come a long way in a short period and we at Core Combat Sports are very proud of him. Congratulations Samuel!11227555_723135151120782_589930248153243895_n

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